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antti kaikkonen ikä During the years 1994–1996, Kaikkonen served as the chairman of the Young Center Association district for the Uusimaa area. During those two years, Kaikkonen served as Paavo Vayrynen’s assistant in the European Parliament. [9] Between the years 1997 and 2001, Kaikkonen presided over the Young Center Association as its chair [2].

Since 2003, Kaikkonen has served as a representative for the Uusimaa constituency in the Finnish Parliament. As a result of receiving 4,236 votes in the parliamentary elections of 2003 and reaching a benchmark of 20,213 on the electoral record of the Center Party, he became the third party MP representing the Uusimaa constituency. In the parliamentary elections that took place in 2007, he received a total of 4,263 votes, which was sufficient to earn him a seat in the legislature. In the elections for the House of Representatives that took place in 2011, he garnered 3,929 votes. Kaikkonen gained 10,617 votes in the legislative elections that took place in 2015. Between the years 2004 and 2013, Kaikkonen held the position of Vice-Chairman of the Grand Committee of the Parliament. In 2015, he was elected to serve as chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, and in 2016, he was elected to serve in the same capacity for the center-right parliamentary party. [10] [11]

During the parliamentary elections that took place in 2019, Kaikkonen received 10,757 votes.



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