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Matthias Sempach Familie Sempach gehort zum Schwingklub Kirchberg. Bei einer Grosse von 194 cm wiegt er rund 110 kg.

Beim Eidgenossischen Schwing- und Älplerfest 2013 in Burgdorf wurde er Schwingerkonig mit acht Siegen von acht Gangen. Im Schlussgang stood er Christian Stucki gegenüber.

2014 kann he als amtierender Schwingerkonig auch das Kilchberger Schwinget für sich entscheiden, was vor ihm only Ernst Schlapfer gelungen was. Am 10. August 2018 gab er seinen Rücktritt aufgrund eines erneuten Bandscheibenvorfalls bekannt.

Sempach absolvierte eine Landwirt- und Metzgerlehre und has sich zum Landwirtschaftlichen Betriebsleiter weitergebildet. 2019 übernahm er einen Bauernhof im luzernischen Entlebuch und lebt dort mit ihrer Partnerin Heidi Jenni and dem gemeinsamen Sohn und Tochter. Den Hof konnten die beiden von Heidi Jennis Eltern übernehmen.

Matthias Sempach and his wife, Heidi, welcomed their second child into the world on March 24, 2017, just a few weeks before the beginning of the outdoor wrestling season. What happens next is a wonderful time for the family, but at the same time it is a very busy period.

Matthias Sempach Familie

Due to the fact that the Unspunnen Schwinget competition only takes place once every six years, the current season is of utmost significance for the top wrestler. Everywhere the king competed in 2017, he achieved success, including first place finishes in Oberaargau and Schwarzsee and third place finishes in Bern-Jura and Emmental.

But there were also serious injuries that set him back, including a thigh strain in June of 2017, strains on the outer knee ligament and the posterior cruciate ligament, as well as a torn muscle fiber at the base of the calf a month later. All of these injuries combined to set him back significantly.

It has only been two weeks since he has been able to resume his swing training. Despite this, Sempach is sure that he will be back to full fitness in time for the highlight of the season, which will take place in Interlaken BE. “From November to April, I put in a lot of hard work at the gym and that’s where I built the foundation.”

In Interlaken, the most important thing is to come out on top. I do not have any other alternative or backup plan in mind at this time.” The Unspunnen, in conjunction with the Kilchberger, is the second most important wrestling festival in the country, after only the federal one. This honor has not yet been bestowed upon him. The third attempt ought to be successful.

The choice to move was heavily influenced by members of the family. Sempach comments that it feels like Heidi is coming back home. «And I’ve had the impression for a long time that our kids, Henry and Paula, enjoy living in Entlebuch. They never failed to enjoy their trips to see their grandparents.”

For a very long time, Sempach’s desire has been to one day become the owner of their very own piece of property. Sempach says, “The idea that this desire can be accomplished in such a short amount of time makes me quite delighted.” He is excited to start a new chapter in his life. “Agriculture has always been a great passion for me – the second next to wrestling.”

Matthias Sempach Familie
Sempach erlernte das Handwerk als Knecht und Metzger, bevor er sich für eine Weiterbildung zum Betriebsleiter entschied. 2019 zog er mit seiner Familie (Ehefrau Heidi Jenni, Sohn und Tochter) auf einen Bauernhof im Luzerner Entlebuch.

There are not many rules, but those that are in place are very specific. Saying please and thank you is mandatory. Henry is only permitted to mess around with the mobile phone in the most extraordinary of circumstances.

“We want the children to have an appreciation for the simple things in life, to be aware of where the food they eat comes from, and to understand that one cannot take everything for granted.” The couple does not share an entirely identical viewpoint on each and every aspect of the educational system, but they do work together. “I’m definitely not as constant as Heidi, but we allow each other do anything we want to do,” she said.

Matthias Sempach Familie
Matthias Sempach Familie

They share the same views regarding the institution of marriage and the organization of families. Mattu responds, “At the moment, things are right for us the way they are,” but then he continues by saying, “If we still have a child after my profession, I would return the favor and take care of the baby at night too!” This is only a thought experiment for the time being. The next objectives are more athletic in character.

Because despite being a parent of two, Sempach still has the same insatiable appetite for success: “On the Schwingplatz, a loss still stings just as much as it did before. If you no longer have the will to succeed and the ambition to compete, it’s time to call it quits.”



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