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Sonia Liebing Alter Dass Sonia Liebing nicht nur auf Fotos sonder auch on der Bühne eine blendende Figur macht, hat sie 2018 mit ihren Auftritten vor Tausenden Zuschauern bei mehreren „Schlagernachten des Jahres” bewiesen.

Bereits jetzt ist der Terminplan der Kolnerin voll, und neben den großen Schlagerfestivals stehen auch Schützen- and Stadtfeste auf dem Programm. Am 9. August ist das Debütalbum „Wunschlos glücklich” erschienen, with 14 neuen Liedern inklusive eines Duetts mit Bernhard Brink.

Sonia Liebing replied that she has been singing for as long as she can remember, when asked about the origins of her musical career. However, the native of Cologne was also exposed to hit music at an extremely young age by way of her parents: “I grew up with Andy Borg and Roy Black.”

My grandfather enjoyed listening to the Flippers, and it was easy to guess that “My Little Sonja” was one of his favorite songs by them. At some point, Wolfgang Petry, Andrea Berg, Semino Rossi, and a great many others joined the party…

Sonia Liebing is poised to become Germany’s next major pop star if her record label, Universal, has anything to say about it. The woman from Cologne has had it up to this with people comparing her to Helene Fischer. It makes perfect sense given that Fischer’s visual and aural identity is someone who is five years younger than him.

Liebing, who was born in Cologne in 1989, did not immediately enter the music industry. She worked as a retail clerk in a beauty salon and in the sports business that her husband, Markus, owns. She also has a background in retail. But ever since she was a child, she has been familiar with the catchy sounds that emerge from the hit world. Her parents, who are originally from Poland, enjoy listening to Andy Borg, Roy Black, and the Flippers.

Sonia Liebing Alter

At the age of eleven, Liebing began taking singing lessons. She then went on to sing in the choir at her secondary school and served as the frontwoman of the school band. In later years, she performed at local festivals. While working as a teenager in a pop music café, she ended up meeting her future husband, who happened to be the proprietor’s son. He created a website for her and uploaded her videos on the internet.

In the end, it was producer Stefan Possnicker who came across the Rhinelander. Karl-Heinz Schweter, the creator of the Great Schlager Parade and a co-organizer of many Schlager events in Germany, became her mentor and gave her the opportunity to perform at Schlager Nights in Stuttgart, Oberhausen, Frankfurt, and Berlin. Karl-Heinz Schweter is also the man responsible for inventing the Great Schlager Parade.

She launched her singles “Do not do that” and “Take what you need” in 2018, and the success of those tracks led to a record deal with the Universal label. From that point on, the Universal company referred to her as the “Rhineland hit Loreley” and promoted her as a “shooting star.”

Her debut album, Wishless Happy, started 2019 on the charts in a respectable position of 28th place, moving past Bruce Springsteen in the process. After that, she appeared in a number of high-profile television programs, such as Florian Silbereisen’s, in the ZDF television garden, and in the ZDF New Year’s Eve event titled “Welcome 2020.”

Andrea Kiewel, the host, made the announcement that she would be replacing Helene Fischer. The newcomer, on the other hand, did not give off the impression of being impressed. “I sing Schlager and I’m blonde. Should I go ahead and colour my hair now?” She stated this to the Morgenpost. It’s possible that she’s not actually “completely happy” after all.

In 2005, Sonia Liebing was in a café when she first met her future husband, Markus. In 2011, the wedding finally took place. The couple currently resides in Pulheim with their two children. Even the names of Sonia Liebing’s kids, Emilia and Sophia, are permanently affixed on her left arm in the form of a tattoo. The name of her third kid, Schlager, is permanently tattooed in capital letters on her right arm. She shared this information in an interview.

Sonia Liebing Alter

Sonia Liebing has a significant online presence across a variety of platforms. She is the owner of both the public and private Instagram accounts, in addition to the public Facebook account. Typically, posts, photographs, or videos of their performances, as well as news regarding their careers, are placed on their website. She is quite good at maintaining the confidentiality of her private life.

There are barely a few pictures displayed of her husband, and there are nearly no pictures of their daughters. The second Instagram account she possesses is set to private and cannot be seen by anyone.

Sonia Liebing Alter

Additionally, she runs a website under the name of Sonia Liebing, which she owns. You may collect signatures, catch up on the band’s latest videos, and learn everything there is to know about their live performances on this website.

Although she does not have a personal Twitter account, there are numerous hashtags that contist ihr Name.



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